11 July 2017

9 Fashion secrets in 2017 that will mesmerize you


Wracam po długim wypoczynku, który śmiało mogę określić jako #digitaldetox. W tym czasie poznałam ciekawą dziewczynę, Rachel Stinson - blogerkę z pasją do mody, gotowania i podróżowania. Cieszę się, że mogę przedstawić Wam tak utalentowaną osobę i jej ciekawy wpis na temat modowych trendów 2017 (wiecie, że analiza trendów jest moim punkcikiem). 

Here are 9 fashion secrets for the year 2017 that will surely amaze you:

1. One of the fashion secrets in 2017 is to have your tailor on speed dial! You can make cheap clothes look like they were created for you, or transform an old coat or top into a little more fashionable dress ahead of the season, as well as turning a shirt right into a crop top.

2. Determine the value of your clothing and how they can best fit your body shape and style. Many women do not know this fashion secret; they do not know the whole variety of options available, and with several silhouettes in style, it is crucial to have the appropriate undergarments to compliment one's look.

3. The best way to move seasonal outfits is by playing and lowering up different textures is the best way to move an outfit from seasons to the season. For example, you may combine a white skirt dress with thick black pants, boots, and an oversize cardigan to counterbalance the lightness of the clothes.

4. Get your clothes online is relatively cheaper than regular clothing at stores. Online stores like eBay and OLX can help you with quality brands at the most reasonable price. Many people sell brand new clothes or almost new clothes that you can buy at a discounted price. This is another fashion secret used by UAE Fashion Shop to buy clothes at a lower price.

5. Understanding your favorite and best features and how to take them! Some of my favorite features to emphasize with style are ladies' collarbones, wrists and ankles, they are all for women and nicely decorated with appropriate attire and jewelry.

6. It is important to know the shape of your body and the styles that look best on you, but then it is all about the proportion. V-cuts evening dresses are suitable for most body types if you balance the proportion so that you do not lose shape. Even short pants or skirt skirts can make a big difference in determining the shape of your body.

7. When wearing evening dresses, we consider the look of our hands, but forget to look at our underarms! This is one of the fashion secrets in 2017, using a hydrating deodorant like Dove Advanced Care offers softer, smooth underarms in just three days.

8. Taking too much time to choose clothes can spoil the rest of the day. Many people do not know about decision fatigue. Decision fatigue is the result of too many choices during the day. All these decisions add up and cast out the brain's decision-making power later. So do not waste your brainpower in the morning trying to get dressed.  Instead, get rid of things you do not wear regularly and change your wardrobe to clothes that you like. Keep your clothing quite simple, so you can have the power to cope with life problems.

9. A style that looks great on all body types. Everyone needs a trapeze or cut-line dresses that they are always changing, but ensure the proportions are accurate. Too much material may not look good and can take away your shape!!

About Rachel

Rachel Stinson has always had a knack for writing, food, fashion, and places. Blogging has combined all four for her with an added bonus of enthusiastic audiences. She expertly analyzes real estates, restaurants and online fashion stores with respect to pricing and people involved and can express her opinions in an unhesitant, engaging manner for all matters.


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